Source code for minibench.runner

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals

import inspect
import logging
import os

from . import Benchmark
from .report import BaseReporter
from ._compat import load_module, string_types

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class BenchmarkRunner(object): '''Collect all benchmarks and run them''' def __init__(self, *filenames, **kwargs): ''' :param filenames: the benchmark files names :type filenames: string :param reporters: the reporters classes or instance to run :type reporters: list :param debug: Run in debug mode if ``True`` :type debug: bool ''' self.benchmarks = [] self.runned = [] self.reporters = [] self.debug = kwargs.get('debug', False) for filename in filenames: module = self.load_module(filename) benchmarks = self.load_from_module(module) self.benchmarks.extend(benchmarks) for reporter in kwargs.get('reporters', []): if inspect.isclass(reporter) and issubclass(reporter, BaseReporter): reporter = reporter() if isinstance(reporter, BaseReporter): reporter.init(self) self.reporters.append(reporter) else: log.warning('Unsupported reporter %s', reporter)
[docs] def run(self, **kwargs): ''' Run all benchmarks. Extras kwargs are passed to benchmarks construtors. ''' self.report_start() for bench in self.benchmarks: bench = bench(before=self.report_before_method, after=self.report_after_method, after_each=self.report_progress, debug=self.debug, **kwargs) self.report_before_class(bench) self.report_after_class(bench) self.runned.append(bench) self.report_end()
[docs] def load_module(self, filename): '''Load a benchmark module from file''' if not isinstance(filename, string_types): return filename basename = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(filename))[0] basename = basename.replace('.bench', '') modulename = 'benchmarks.{0}'.format(basename) return load_module(modulename, filename)
[docs] def load_from_module(self, module): '''Load all benchmarks from a given module''' benchmarks = [] for name in dir(module): obj = getattr(module, name) if (inspect.isclass(obj) and issubclass(obj, Benchmark) and obj != Benchmark): benchmarks.append(obj) return benchmarks
def report_start(self): for reporter in self.reporters: reporter.start() def report_before_class(self, bench): for reporter in self.reporters: reporter.before_class(bench) def report_after_class(self, bench): for reporter in self.reporters: reporter.after_class(bench) def report_before_method(self, bench, method): for reporter in self.reporters: reporter.before_method(bench, method) def report_after_method(self, bench, method): for reporter in self.reporters: reporter.after_method(bench, method) def report_progress(self, bench, method, times): for reporter in self.reporters: reporter.progress(bench, method, times) def report_end(self): for reporter in self.reporters: reporter.end()