Source code for minibench.cli

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import json as JSON
import os

import click

from ._compat import recursive_glob
from .report import BaseReporter, JsonReporter, CsvReporter, MarkdownReporter, RstReporter, DEFAULT_PRECISION
from .runner import BenchmarkRunner

    'help_option_names': ['-?', '-h', '--help']

def color(name, **kwargs):
    return lambda t:, fg=name, **kwargs)

green = color('green', bold=True)
yellow = color('yellow', bold=True)
red = color('red', bold=True)
cyan = color('cyan')
magenta = color('magenta', bold=True)
white = color('white', bold=True)

OK = '✔'
KO = '✘'

UNIT_PERCENTS = ('%', 'percents')
UNIT_SECONDS = ('s', 'seconds')

FORMAT_DURATION = '{total:.{precision}f}s / {mean:.{precision}f}s'
FORMAT_DIFF = '{total:.{precision}f}s / {mean:.{precision}f}s ({diff})'

[docs]class CliReporter(BaseReporter): '''A reporter that display running benchmarks with ANSI colors''' def __init__(self, ref=None, debug=False, unit=DEFAULT_UNIT, **kwargs): self._ref = ref self.debug = debug self.is_percent = unit in UNIT_PERCENTS super(CliReporter, self).__init__(**kwargs) def start(self): nb_benchmarks = len(self.runner.benchmarks) if nb_benchmarks > 1: msg = 'Running {0} benchmarks'.format(nb_benchmarks) else: msg = 'Running {0} benchmark'.format(nb_benchmarks) click.echo(white(msg)) click.echo(white('-' * len(msg))) def before_class(self, bench): label = '>>> {name} (x{times})'.format(name=bench.label, times=bench.times) click.echo(magenta(label)) def after_class(self, bench): pass def before_method(self, bench, method): label = cyan(bench.label_for(method)) = click.progressbar(label=label, length=bench.times) def after_method(self, bench, method): click.echo('\r', nl=False) # Clear the line results = bench.results[method] mean = / bench.times ref = self.ref(bench, method) duration = self.duration(, mean=mean, ref=ref) if results.has_success and results.has_errors: status = ' '.join((yellow(WARNING), duration)) elif results.has_success: status = ' '.join((green(OK), duration)) else: status = ' '.join((red(KO), duration)) width, _ = click.get_terminal_size() size = width - len(click.unstyle(status)) label = bench.label_for(method) click.echo('{label:.<{size}} {status}'.format(label=cyan(label), size=size, status=status)) if self.debug and results.error: exc = results.error click.echo(yellow('Error: {0}'.format(type(exc)))) click.echo('\t{0}'.format(exc.message if hasattr(exc, 'message') else exc)) def ref(self, bench, method): if self._ref: key = self.key(bench) return self._ref.get(key, {}).get('runs', {}).get(method, None) def duration(self, total, mean, ref=None): if ref: diff = self.diff(total, mean, ref) duration = FORMAT_DIFF.format(total=total, mean=mean, diff=diff, precision=self.precision) else: duration = FORMAT_DURATION.format(total=total, mean=mean, precision=self.precision) return duration def diff(self, total, mean, ref): diff = self._r(total) - self._r(ref['total']) if diff > 0: if self.is_percent: msg = '+{0:.2%}'.format(diff / self._r(ref['total'])) else: mean_diff = self._r(mean) - self._r(ref['mean']) msg = '+{total:.{precision}f}s / +{mean:.{precision}f}s' msg = msg.format(total=diff, mean=mean_diff, precision=self.precision) return red(msg) elif diff < 0: if self.is_percent: msg = '{0:.2%}'.format(diff / self._r(ref['total'])) else: mean_diff = self._r(mean) - self._r(ref['mean']) msg = '{total:.{precision}f}s / {mean:.{precision}f}s' msg = msg.format(total=diff, mean=mean_diff, precision=self.precision) return green(msg) else: return cyan('---') def _r(self, value): '''Round a value according defined precision''' return round(value, self.precision) def progress(self, bench, method, times): def end(self): click.echo(green(' '.join((OK, 'Done'))))
def resolve_pattern(pattern): '''Resolve a glob pattern into a filelist''' if os.path.exists(pattern) and os.path.isdir(pattern): pattern = os.path.join(pattern, '**/*') return recursive_glob(pattern) @click.command(context_settings=CONTEXT_SETTINGS) @click.argument('patterns', nargs=-1) @click.option('-t', '--times', type=click.INT, help='How many times to run benchmarks') @click.option('--json', type=click.Path(), help='Output results as JSON') @click.option('--csv', type=click.Path(), help='Output results as CSV') @click.option('--rst', type=click.Path(), help='Output results as reStructuredText') @click.option('--md', type=click.Path(), help='Output results as Markdown') @click.option('-r', '--ref', type=click.File('r'), help='A previous run result in JSON') @click.option('-u', '--unit', default=DEFAULT_UNIT, type=click.Choice(UNIT_PERCENTS + UNIT_SECONDS), help='Unit to display difference from reference') @click.option('-p', '--precision', type=click.INT, default=DEFAULT_PRECISION, help='Precision used (number of digits)') @click.option('-d', '--debug', is_flag=True, help='Run in debug (verbose, stop on error)') def cli(patterns, times, json, csv, rst, md, ref, unit, precision, debug): '''Execute minibench benchmarks''' if ref: ref = JSON.load(ref) filenames = [] reporters = [CliReporter(ref=ref, debug=debug, unit=unit, precision=precision)] kwargs = {} for pattern in patterns or ['**/*']: filenames.extend(resolve_pattern(pattern)) if json: reporters.append(JsonReporter(json, precision=precision)) if csv: reporters.append(CsvReporter(csv, precision=precision)) if rst: reporters.append(RstReporter(rst, precision=precision)) if md: reporters.append(MarkdownReporter(md, precision=precision)) if times: kwargs['times'] = times runner = BenchmarkRunner(*filenames, reporters=reporters, debug=debug)**kwargs)